Gymshark Campaign

Integrated Campaign Design,
Visual Identity, App Design
& Marketing

Client: Gymshark

Here is my design response for
‘D&AD Awards’ Gymshark Brief. 

The concept is a hashtag campaign that
brings young adults between the ages
of 18-21 together.

The campaign is aimed at those who are
interested in physical training also known
as ‘conditioning’, this age group also tend
to be starting new journeys in their lives
such as ‘going to university or new jobs’.
The connection for all fitness enthusiasts
is that they have their individual
motivations for conditioning and training.

During the research stage of the project,
the brands target market was identified
and personas were created.

The focus of the campaign is the ‘Gymshark
Training App’, which is a pre-existing
touchpoint. I designed a new system, giving
users the opportunity to input and share
their motivations whilst connecting with
others in the community.

The motivations page are where users input
their own motivations, which are then listed
to access at anytime. Users can then set
alerts for their workouts, adding the time,
date and the type of workout.

When it’s time to train, users will be sent
an alert. This alert tells them what they
are training, and a motivation of theirs
automatically selected by the app.

The campaign will feature competitions,
giving users the opportunity to win
gymshark gear just for posting their
workout stats from the app, along with 
a photo of themselfs in the gym, tagged
with #ThatsMyDrive. This will fill the 
hashtag with the gym community whilst
encouraging people to use the app.

Real world activations: The campaign utilises
2 main posters. These posters take inspiration
from various motivations sourced using social
media platforms such as twitter and reddit.
Leveraging cultural insights from the 18-21
year old age group.

Bus stop advertising: The market research
indicated a large portion of the target
audience use busses to commute on a
regular basis, so bus stop advertisements
have been created in various formats.

City advertising: City centre advertisements
have been created to catch the attention
of the target audience during their busy
day to day lives.

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