Magazine Design & Identity

Crack open a beer and explore Hip-Hops
magazine, the go-to place to get your
monthly fix of beer news, brewing tips,
and exclusive interview with exciting
brewers from around the world. Featuring
incredible artwork, illustrations
and photography.

The replacement of the ‘i’ in ‘HiP’ with a beer
bottle popping open, as well as the use of the
negative space in the ‘O’ in ‘HOPS’ to form a
pint glass both encapsulate the playful and fun 
spirit of the magazine whilst exhibiting the
theme of beer.

CCCloberintimesmooth typeface is ideal for
the masthead, providing a clear, relaxing
yet playful appearance appealing to the
target audience.

I printed and bound a prototype for the
magazine to take the design off the screen
and into physical form to get a real look
and feel for it.

The covers feature exciting illustrations
from artists and illustrators around the
world, issue one featuring French illustrator
Frank-Tom Haugomat. Issue two features Romanian
illustrator Robert Filip. Issue three features
Belgian illustrator Jenna Arts.

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