Nanea Surf Shop

Brand Identity, UI Design,
Motion Graphics & Typeface Design

Nanea is a concept surf shop, located in Byron
Bay, Australia. The projects aim is to connect
with surf culture, whilst communicating
a relaxing yet fun, playful personality.

I created a new typeface specifically with
the brands target profile in mind. The glyphs
are created to appear bohemian whilst exhibiting
elements of surf culture.

The typeface ‘Iskra’ has been implemented to
support the primary typeface across the identity.
Iskras clean and clear, yet fun and friendly
personality helps connect the viewer to the
brands values.

The logo is simplistic yet appropriate to surf
culture, utilising the letter A as a surf board,
the bohemian style typeface and waves to add
context and movement. All variations of the logo
are scaleable and communicate the brands values
and relaxing yet playful personality.

The brands toolkit features a variety
of vibrant vectors utilising bold shapes,
contrasting colours and negative space.

Various positive hawaiian words run
throughout the brands identity to
further communicate the brands values.

The website is created to use as an
online store whilst also exhibiting
the brands personality, values and
information through an interactive,
visually stimulating experience.
Click [here] to try the prototype.

The brand also features an app where
users can access the website from
their phone. The social media page
gives exclusive news on new and 
upcoming products and events.

The package designs feature the positive
hawaiian words to further immerse the
customer in surf and hawaiian culture,
and make the brand more recognisable.

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