OAT Collective

Brand Identity & Website Design

This is the brand and visual identity for
the concept design collective ‘OAT’.

OAT are a none-profit design collective,
creating and delivering exhibitions based
on creativity and design for all creative
students and professionals.

For the logo I chose the typeface
‘HWT Mardell’, which utilises bold shapes and
letters, expressing the brands playful identity.

Four shape elements have been utilised for
the background of the logo. The coloured
shapes portray exhibition walls in a playful
yet simplistic manner. The colours of these
shapes have been used throughout the identity. 

I created a prototype for the brands
website, using the individual colours
from the logo as the site navigation.
Elements from the logo have been
utilised to create patterns and
animations used across the identity
on deliverables such as the website,
trailers, merchandise and posters.

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