Visual Identity & Exhibition Design

Filtered is a design exhibition where
participants write design critiques on
plexy glass infront of creative visual
work. This exhibition aims to bring
positivity to critiques and feedback.

Exhibition in collaberation with
Owen Rutland & Alice Buckley

For the logo I used the typeface 
‘Marigny’ as its smooth, calming 
and has similarities to a marker pen.
It conveys positivity which fits the
identity perfectly.

The physical and virtual tickets feature
elements of large colourful critiques used
throughout the brand identity.

The exhibition guides are designed
to be fun and aesthetically pleasing
whilst displaying the relevant
information clearly and simplistically.

The promotional posters feature bright, positive
colours with silhouettes covered in critiques
to represent the mind of the critic.

I used the poster designs to create
promotional merchanise that can be
sold on the website store. 

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